Creating brighter futures

Make a positive contribution



About Us

We support and work with young people to enable them to learn life skills and prepare them to develop their capacity required for leading an independent life.

Bright Way Care Services operates a relationship-oriented model of support as the satisfaction, motivation, success and the general well-being of our young people are important to us. Our support is personalised to each young person and we do not therefore operate one-size fits all model.

Nurturing Dreams and Aspirations
of Young People in our Service
through positive and
Meaningful Engagement



The young people we accommodate and support have varying needs which may include:

  •   Autistic spectrum disorder
  •   Attention deficit disorder
  •   Mental health issues
  •   Challenging behaviour
  •   Moderate learning disabilities
  •   Drug and alcohol abuse
  •   Self-harming behaviours
  •   Gang involvement
  •   Criminal behaviour
  •   Low level sexualised behaviour
  •   Attachment disorders

Our Objectives

Our aim is to provide a range of opportunities that empower young people to develop skills and enabling them to

  • Strengthen their identity, self-confidence and self-respect
  • Meet their health and emotional needs
  • Care for their own well-being and set their own goals;
  • Gain and maintain education, training and employment
  • Integrate and contribute to the community in a positive manner
  • Become active and responsible citizens, emotionally and economically resilient for their future
  • Make choices and decisions in all areas of their lives
  • Participate and be involved in the delivery and development of the service; and
  • Live in a safe and stable environment